Friday, May 16, 2014

Race: Buzzard Day 50k 3/15

weaving through the 25k Starters as I came in on my 2nd loop. Pretzels stashed in my cheek. 

ok, ok,'s been a loooong time since I posted a race report. Partially because I didn't have any races during the winter.
Coming in from the 1st 25k

My training was really consistent & solid throughout the never-ending Ohio winter. I managed to pick out a treadmill for Xmas and used the heck out of it. I hit the Dion Snowshoes as much as possible with my snow loving dog Sasha and I started really including indoor cycling videos into my XT regimen each week. I am looking to pickup a Fat Bike to extend the ability to ride outdoors in the winter so hopefully, that will be a reality this year.

I followed my 100miler plan which included a lot of long runs in very cold conditions, lots of trails, and more miles on the treadmill than I wanted, but with a -3% to +15% grade, the workouts were pretty effective. I managed some good runs like a 4hr 45min 35 miler that was a combination of roads, trails, and some fast treadmill miles.

Anyhow, Buzzard Day 50k is held in Hinckley somewhere in CVNP I think. I haven't run this before but the weather was looking nice, I needed a long run that day, and my buddy Dave Wank was up for a race as well. He was a little further ahead in his training cycle for O24 and I was still in the mileage base phase. For me, this was a low pressure run.

It was icy, icy, icy and snowy with some mud thrown in but the weather was decent enough for shorts and a long sleeve. So, after a cigar smoke filled pre-race announcement courtesy of Roy, Dave & I lined up with Connie and some others, had some chit chat then tip toed down the trail. I immediately began cursing myself for not putting the trail spikes in my shoes to help with the ice. I went with my Hoka One One Stinson Trail shoes which are ridiculously cushioned with good tread, but I had been having issues with the outer section that hits up under my ankle. It was causing bruising but I chose to wear those over my Altra Lone Peaks that day since I had been training mostly in the Hokas and I wanted the cushion.

I went out too hard. I knew it, but I went with it anyhow. There were a couple of us in the top 5 or so with Nathan Szabados already gaining time on us (and in vibrams, to boot!). Somehow, we missed "the hump" a hill that was essentially an up and back. We kept up the pace, and rounded the lake, still running quick and really enjoying the fact that I was feeling good. Dave & I stayed together for quite some time, got lost a bit in the ledges, found our way up to the aid station and finished up the miles to the 1/2 way point. Dave had gained about 30sec on me on the downhills and as he came out of the AS, he said we missed a section "what section?" I asked, he said "look at our time" which was 1:59 for 16 miles....we were running quick, but not that quick. The AS volunteer explained we would need to run "the hump" twice and then continue on or we would be DQ'd. We found the hump after it had been re-marked. Dave was probably a minute ahead of me at this point. I came into the AS and was extremely clear about where I asked that I needed to turn around at, the volunteer captain showed me where to turn, run back up the hill, then come back in the last time to AS, then continue on.....on my second time down, I see Dave coming up. He had gone too far (or I had gone short). I told him, he told me I was short. I checked with the AS capt again and they confirmed I was good. At that point, I told them they had just inadvertently pushed me into 2nd place since they had Dave run further down the hill.

It was a good 5 miles (about mile 25) before Dave caught me. I was running solid on the very icy lake knowing that Dave was chasing. He had gone from being a min ahead of me to being 2 minutes behind or so. He caught me in the ledges and was fuming with frustration. I swear, if he could've harnessed that frustration, he could have caught Nathan and won the damn race. We stayed together through the 26mi AS and he took off. I had been battling some nausea from eating too much or not right and was pretty happy being 3rd place. I figured I would push it and catch up to Dave so we could battle the finish but it took me 3 miles before I felt good enough to push it. By then, I had crested beyond the 5 hour mark and Dave had gained like 15 mins on me. I let my passiveness get the best of me knowing that I had 3rd place, I just settled in. It was far too late to push for a sub 5. Dave finished about 4:52, I got 5:07 but I was happy overall. This was a tune-up race and for me the fact that I was in decent enough shape to eek out a 3rd place on a 50k was a good day in my book. However, I never should have let the foot off the gas. There is really no reason why I shouldn't have been well under 5 hours. It was a good lesson, each race is.

Perpeteum (should have done Heed) - tossed it a the 25k, went to water, Heed, Pretzels
Salt Stick Caps (1 per Hour)

Pearl Izumi LS top
UD Handheld
Patagonia ProUltra Shorts
Smartwool Socks
Hoka One One Stinson Trail


Finishing up 5:07, 3rd Place OA