Sunday, March 27, 2011

Race Report: Fools 50k Initial comments

Had a pretty good race today. I finally took the plunge after so many ultras to literally try to race one. I wanted to be about 4:45, but ended up 5:24. the 25k split I was at 2:20, well on my way to a sub-5, but it was not in the cards today. I ran hard, felt good, took only 1 tumble, and left the Garmin in the car, great choice.

I think overall, it set me for 10th place (mens) and about 14th overall, so, a PR and decent place...can't be too unhappy about that!

So, recovery has been fine. We'll do a light run tomorrow or core work. Next is Mohican 50mi.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Race Plans: Fools, Mohican, BR100, Ironcross

I love how blogs seem like something that you are going to write on such a regular basis. For me, not so much. Here's where I am at with the running:. After a phenomenal Johnson 5-0 @ 9hrs 40mins, the thoughts crept into my head about doing a 100miler.

So, that's where I'm at now. Fools 50k this Sunday, hosting an ultra (Storm the Castle or Tri-Park Challenge) May 1st, Mohican 50 miler June 18th, and BURNING RIVER 100 on on July 30th. I've logged a ton of miles, injury free, gone vegetarian, still working towards minimalist footwear, good form strides, and feeling really good. The goal for BR100? 20-24 hrs.

This fall? Either IronCross 100k CX race in PA or Oil Creek.....we'll see how the cards fall.