Friday, July 6, 2012

43 days to Leadville

The excitement is starting to build for Leadville Trail 100. If you are not aware of the significance of this run I want people to know that this is more than just putting yourself through a grueling 100mi event like Leadville. I am proud to be an Ambassador for the Runwell. My ultimate goal has been to raise both funds and awareness for Runwell. In previous posts, you can read about the coaching I have received from Bob Seebohar and the difference it has made.
I strongly encourage you to either make a donate of ANY amount here or join the Runwell team and participate in an event of your choice. You do not have to run across a desert or 100 miles above 10,000 ft. You can choose a local 5k or marathon and discover the benefits that will pay forward to others. I want people to know that it is tremendous to be able to participate in these events knowing that you are being supported and that you are directly benefitting others. I say this because this is the kind of thing that goes through your head at mile 60, 70, 80+ when you are really dig a little deeper knowing that you are giving back.

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