Friday, June 3, 2011

Training: Raccoons make strange noises

Look, I have always known this, but while I was on a solo night run last night coming through Waite Hill I was startled as a little family of raccoons suddenly made a sharp bunch of just strange little scream-bark-screech-squeal noises. 2 seconds later......silence. Back to plodding along the roads.

Training: I've had a number of really good training months, have a self-aided 50mile on 6/11 with some friends at the N.Chagrin reservation that will be a key training run/week in preparation for BR100. I was filling in my log the other day and realized that year over year I have come a long way as far as the training goes and how my ability has increased. It's such an amazing journey as time progresses in running. Last year, a 4-5 hour run was a pretty big deal in my, it's a part of my regular regimen.

Ultrarunning: It's such an interesting sport that really appears to be gaining traction in the main stream running community. It reminds me a little of cyclocross in comparison to the road & mtn.biking communities. Secretly, I want ultra running to remain as a quiet & less than popular sport, but as time progresses, I am seeing "ultras" as a common term, stories of regular people running long distances, the Born to Run phenom, vibram five fingers, etc. I just read a story of a college distance runner who literally by the grace of God, ran 120 miles from college to his home. He left the school with nothing but the shoes & clothes he had on, relying on the kindness of strangers for food, lodging, water. If no one had told the story to the newspaper, it would be the way that ultra running should be, without glamor and fame.....just the runner making the journey.

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